David Ritchie

After graduating with an Honours Degree in Drama & Film from Queen’s University, David pursued his love of acting & writing. Unfortunately, he knew no one in the business and was unable to get an agent to return his calls, let alone meet with him. He soon found himself in Los Angeles. It was there David saw first hand the persistent and positive approach Hollywood agencies took with talent from all backgrounds. David returned to Toronto, determined to help others succeed in achieving their goals. He began his career working as an assistant in the film & television division at Canada’s largest literary agency, Westwood Creative Artists. It was at WCA David learned to negotiate book to film contracts. To this day, one of his fondest memories was listening to his employers negotiate the film rights to Yann Martel’s Life of Pi, which went on to become an Oscar winning film. David also learned the ins and outs of representing directors, screenwriters, producers and below-the-line clientele. After a year at WCA and looking to expand his horizons, David became an associate at what was then CTI Artists Management. It was at CTI where David delved into the actor world and began building a small roster of up-and-coming talent.

In July, 2006, David founded Ambition. The objective was, and remains to this day, to show that when clients join Ambition, they’ll have the opportunity to make significant changes in their careers. In those early years the agency had 7 clients appear in Playback Magazine’s annual “Top Ten to Watch” list and over the past 10 years Ambition clients have garnered DGC, WGC, GEMINI, LEO and COMEDY awards along with two daytime EMMY nominations. David also takes pride in his promotion of clientele. He has had actors grace the pages of Maxim, FHM, GQ, Vanity Fair, Toro, Soap Digest, Italian Vogue and Variety.
The company’s roster now boasts a mix of Canadian rising stars and established talent that have appeared in, worked on, or directed projects such as: The Bold & Beautiful, The Young & The Restless, Wynonna Earp, DC Legends of Tomorrow, Dark Matter, Riverdale, Reign, 24, Law & Order, Planet of the Apes, Flashpoint, The Listener, Total Recall, Cold Case, NCIS, Weeds, Murdoch Mysteries, Lost Girl, Air Farce, The Office, and This Hour Has 22 Minutes to name a few. As the industry evolves, so does Ambition. The company now has talent, literary, commercial and voice divisions and is building a strong online social media presence with a goal of producing in-house content in the future.

Julia Schneider

Julia Schneider began her career in the entertainment business at the age of 13. She worked as an actor for over 10 years, appearing in various TV series’ including M.V.P, Instant Star and The Latest Buzz. Her notable movie credits include working along side James Van Der Beek (Final Draft) and WWE star Jason ‘Christian Cage’ Reso (Dark Rising & Summer Strikes Back). Julia’s performance in Dark Rising led to a nomination for a 2008 Canadian Comedy Award for best female performance as a lead in a feature film. In between stints as an actor, Julia had the opportunity to work behind the camera as an assistant to acclaimed casting director Stephanie Gorin. While working for SGC, Julia paid close attention to the thorough details involved in casting commercials, television series’ and feature films. With her behind the scenes knowledge, Julia began working more diligently on expanding her knowledge of the business side of the industry. Shortly thereafter, Julia became an assistant booker in the modeling industry. She learned the ropes of what is required to manage models, deal with top photographers, and arrange “go-sees”. As a student in Ryerson University’s Photography course, Julia was able to apply the techniques she learned when choosing photos for the models’ portfolios and composite cards. After learning the modeling side of the industry, Julia chose to shift her focus back to actors and, in the spring of 2008, she joined Ambition as an assistant. It was obvious that Julia had the knack, skill set, and passion to work with actors, and within a short time she was promoted to the head of the commercial and print division. Now heading the TV/Film department with David Ritchie. She was featured as “Today’s Notable Young Professional” on You can read the article here.